curriculum vitae

My way in software development

In over 3 years as an employed software engineer, I have worked with an experienced team for both large and small companies on various projects.
It is important to me to take full responsibility for my work and my career. For this reason, I have decided to become self-employed as of March 2022.


Working as a freelance software engineer

04/2021 - 03/2022

Employee in a software development company as user experience designer

02/2019 -  04/2021

Working student in software development with main tasks in UX/UI design and frontend development

09/2017 - 04/2021

Human Machine Interaction - Bachelor of Science
Hochschule Ruhr West

„It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people’s lives.“

Donald A. Norman

My passion

Responsible for positive change

Working in software engineering is a big responsibility. The results of our work are regularly used by hundreds, thousands, in some cases billions of people every day.

Every piece of software is a promise to the users, to aid with their everyday life, overcoming problems and challenges alike. Mistakes while creating software, can cause serious inefficiency, frustration and even economic damage in the work environment. For this reason alone, it is important to work on these products in a structured, accurate and appropriate way. Therefore, the basis for every decision should always be the users and their requirements.

But the use of software today is not limited to the pure execution of tasks, it is much more. Good design should be fun, motivating and make the product a facilitator of positive change for the user and for society as a whole.

My Approach

Thinking projects from start to finish

I see my role in the development of software products as being a holistic one. The basis of my work is the understanding of the user and his requirements. With this understanding I develop solutions and strategies and determine how they can be implemented. In my context this is mostly apps, web applications, websites and machine interfaces, which is why I could also say that I am a user experience or user interface designer.

But I prefer the title product designer, because I am aware that understanding the user is not the only influencing factor for a good and successful software. Behind most software applications are business goals that also need to be taken into consideration. In addition, every designed solution must also be implementable in a reasonable way. That’s why, as a product designer, I am more of a mediator between interests and a champion for the best possible product.

My Skillset

What I have learned so far


Developing real empathy for users is key in the design process. For this you need to conduct careful research and critical thinking. Based on this process, I develop solid strategies, ideas and real life products for any problem that I’m challenged with.

No / Low Code

New tools give us the possibility to quickly turn ideas into small applications and POCs. I see enormous potential to revolutionize the process from design to prototype to real implementation.

Coding Skills

I learned the basics of many programming languages and frameworks while studying. Nowadays I focus more on design in my work projects, but my knowledge helps me in communication with dev teams. I still enjoy to write code and to explore new exciting technologies.

What I work with

For project communication and my work, I regularly use these tools, workflows and software.

Ideas and concepts for the future of software products

Soon I will publish new articles here, in which I will discuss the interesting and challenging topics and ideas for the future of software development.

If you are working on exciting ideas for the future and think that I can help you, then feel free to reach out to me.